A s a full-service landscape company, we provide services for all areas of Landscaping, Lawn Care and Recreational Surfaces including design, construction, maintenance, irrigation, stonewalls and walkways, street sweeping, snow removal and landscape lighting for commercial and residential clients. All of our services are customized to satisfy each customer’s individual needs.

LawncareWe know your lawn mower is important to you; you care about keeping your grass beautiful and doing it in a timely manner. So if it breaks down, you could be stuck with a great big bill or an unkempt lawn! Instead of spending hundreds (sometimes even thousands!) of dollars on a new lawn mower, you can have your used one serviced or repaired to extend the life of the lawn mower you already own!

We are able to pick up and deliver your lawn mower for free within a 5 mile radius! Contact Cut Above today to discuss your lawn mower issues (but first just make sure you’re not out of gas!). We can assess the issue and decide if a repair will be more economical than buying a new machine. We can also discuss regular servicing of your lawn mower to be sure you don’t get stuck in the high grass anytime soon!


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